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Male Breast Reduction

Gynecomastia, or enlarged male breasts, affects as many as six out of every ten men. This condition can make it embarrassing to take off your shirt for summer activities or even to wear a t-shirt. But there is a solution, male breast reduction surgery in Accra, Ghana, West Africa with Dr. Kwasi Debra.

To find out if male breast reduction surgery in Accra, Ghana could help you get your confidence back, request a consultation with board-certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Debra or call (026) 757-4244.

Feel better about the way you look

If you’ve been covering up even when you are at the beach due to enlarged breasts from aging or sagging skin left over from a massive weight loss, the solution could be gynecomastia surgery. Men have been coming to Dr. Debra for years to regain the masculine contour in their chest and achieve confidence in social situations.

Gynecomastia Correction in Accra Ghana
Have you ever wondered how gynecomastia surgery could transform your looks and give your spirits a boost, but hesitated to make an appointment? It’s time to meet Dr. Debra.

What is Gynecomastia?
Gynecomastia occurs in the male breasts when there is excessive glandular tissue. It can affect one breast or both. A condition known as “pseudo-gynecomastia” is caused by excessive fat tissue and is common among older men, younger men who are overweight, and those who have lost a massive amount of weight.

After turning to Dr. Debra for gynecomastia surgery, most patients feel better about the way they look at the beach, the swimming pool and during other social situations. Some men’s gynecomastia is so severe that it is noticeable with or without a shirt. There are many surgical options for these various conditions, including liposuction of the chest, and Dr. Debra can determine what treatment options are best for you. If you think you would be a good candidate for a male breast reduction, contact Dr. Debra’s office today to schedule a consultation. He will evaluate you, listen to your goals and determine what the best treatment options are to achieve your desired results.

Liposuction for Men’s Abdomen, Love Handles and Chests

By far, Liposuction of men’s Abdomen, Love Handles and Chests are the most commonly requested Cosmetic Surgeries performed by Dr. Debra There are two different levels of fat in the abdomen. Liposuction treats the subcutaneous fat, and this can visibly improve the abdominal area with positive cosmetic results.

Using the traditional Tumescent Liposuction Technique, Dr. Debra assertively removes the excess fat of men’s abdomen, love handles and chest thus deflating these areas and leaving a flat, smooth, thinner and V-contoured body and chest. For men who have those stubborn fat locations around their middle, liposuction successfully reduces the waistline in size and thickness. Men can often wear a smaller size pants and shirts within 6 weeks of the surgery. Liposuction is used as an art of sculpting the “6-pack.” Most of the time, this is combined with lipo-contouring the “love-handles” providing a “ripped” appearing trunk and smaller waistline.

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